Crownfield Tasty And Delicious Granola Cereal (with Raisin & Almond)



Contains 3 Superfoods/nuts for the price of 1

Suitable for a healthy breakfast


Deliciously nourishing for a great start


High in fiber

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Crownfield Tasty And Delicious Granola Cereal (with Raisin & Almond)Granola Cereal (with Raisin and Almond) is an excellent fit for that delicious, healthy and highly nutritious breakfast for the Whole family. This Super cereal also contain Raisin and Almonds which have numerous health benefits. Hence You have 3 powerful health boosters(Granola, Raisin, Almond) and nature’s precious gift in 1 Pack. Here are the health benefits of these super foods.GranolaGives relief from constipation Prevents Overeating and aids in managing WeightAids in digestion and diabetes managementReduces risk of Cancer and AnaemiaBeneficial on reducing Blood Pressure, cholesterolBoost energy levels and cognitive functions in the bodyProtects the body from harmful effects of sunburn


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