KJV Holy Bible With Encyclopedia


More than 5,000 pages of vital information on Bible lands and people · More than 7,500 articles alphabetically arranged for easy reference · Hundreds of full-color and black-and-white illustrations, charts, and graphs · 32 pages of full-color maps and hundreds of black-and-white outline maps for ready reference · Scholarly articles ranging across the entire spectrum of theological and biblical topics, backed by the most current body of archaeological research · 238 contributors from around the world

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KJV Holy Bible With Encyclopedia

Encyclopedia of the Bible has been a classic Bible study resource for more than thirty years. Now thoroughly revised, this new volume edition provides up-to-date entries based on the latest Beautiful full-color pictures supplement the text, which includes new articles in addition to thorough updates and improvements of existing topics. Different viewpoints of scholarship permit a wellrounded perspective on significant issues relating to doctrines, themes, and biblical interpretation. The goal remains the same: to provide pastors, teachers, students, and devoted Bible readers a comprehensive and reliable library of information.


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