Royal Cooker- 3-Gas Burners &1-Electric Hotplate (5631S)




Royal Cooker- 3-Gas Burners &1-Electric Hotplate (5631S)

Royal Cooker- 3-Gas Burners &1-Electric Hotplate (5631S)

The RG5631S model is a highly efficient and powerful kitchen appliance. It has 3 burners that burn at different intensities, all powered by cooking gas. This ensures you can cook all kinds of food at your desired temperature. It also gives you enough room for cooking a variety of dishes at the same time. This makes food preparation faster and cleaner. The gas hob of this cooker gives a uniform and responsive overall heat.

Take your cooking to elevated levels today with Royal Gas Cookers. The RG5631S model comes with a free-standing oven that has been manufactured to give you an edge when it comes to whipping up tasty meals. It features 3 Euro pool gas burners with 1 hot plate, a tray, and a grill located within the oven. The cooker also comes with a metal top lid and a 2-button control. There’s also a wire shelf and the cooker’s legs can be completely adjusted to your taste as well.



3 Gas Burners + 1 Hotplate

Dimension: 50 x 60cm

Gas Oven plus Grill

Two-button Control

Metal Lid

Wire Shelf

Silver Color


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