Sanford Rotary Barbecue Grill 1500W, SF5950RBQ

Original price was: ₦76,000.00.Current price is: ₦70,000.00.

Well, worry not. Sanford brings you the perfect electronic rotary barbeque grill that is safe, simple and keeps your food flavoursome.

You can also clean it and reassemble it very easy to store it away for the next time.

Durable stainless steel exterior and safe cool-touch handle.

Extremely easy to operate, with a single-touch on and off switch.

Cooks beef, chicken, and seafood under 15 minutes.



Sanford Rotary Barbecue Grill 1500W, SF5950RBQ

There is nothing that brings friends and family together like a great barbeque party. But the hassle with coal and smoke is a buzzkill, especially if you are in charge.


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