Kinelco Double Burner Hot Plate KN-1010


* double burner

* Easy to use

* Occupy minimum space

* Overheat protection

* Auto thermostat

* Various heat level control



Kinelco Double Burner Hot Plate KN-1010

Kinelco Double Burner Hot Plate KN-1010 Is Ideal for home office and student use. Features 2000 watts heating elements. Sealed solid plate designed Unlike other similar appliances, this hot plate has been well covered to prevent any form of electric shock. Compact in size, it will hardly take any space in your kitchen, it is also durable, as the body is well coated to protect it from rust. Maintaining is very easy and you can get it cleaned with so much ease. Sealed Hot Plate Easy-to-use design Durable and Compact Easy to clean Overheat protection Auto thermostat 2 cooking plates Specifications of Electric Hot Plate-2 Burner-KN1010 Weight (kg)2


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