Sonifer 3 In 1 Sonifer Sandwich Maker

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Sonifer 3 In 1 Sonifer Sandwich Maker

The Sonifer 3 in 1 sandwich Maker is a highly multi-functional appliance, offering the choice of three cooking techniques to make your choice of snacks as varied and convenient as possible. The sandwich press plates make toasted sandwiches a breeze, simply put your choice of sliced bread and filling inside the moulds and lock the lid in place. The snack maker will cut, seal and toast your sandwich in minutes, making perfect toasties every time! The grill plates are the most versatile of the accessories included with the snack maker. You can use them to press larger sandwiches like paninis or foccacias; or even to grill meats and vegetables like steaks, burgers, tomatoes or peppers.All three interchangeable cooking plates are coated with a non-stick coating, so cleaning is as simple as the cooking. Simply wipe clean with hot water.


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