Binatone MWO-2520

Original price was: ₦145,000.00.Current price is: ₦117,000.00.

Rated input for microwave – 1450W

Rated output for microwave:900W

25L Capacity

Easy-to-clean grey cavity interior

Voltage: 230V ~ 50Hz

Microwave frequency: 245 MHz

Rotating glass plate

Defrost selection

cooking end signal

Binatone presents a highly efficient kitchen solution in the form of a brand new 25L Microwave Oven. It cooks at 5 different microwave power levels with a microwave frequency of 2450MHz. Operating at 230V~50Hz, it requires a power input of 1450W to generate an output of 900W. Attractive features of this microwave oven include an easy to clean grey cavity interior and a rotating glass plate. Additional cooking functions offered by it are 35 mins timer, defrost selection and cooking end signal.

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Binatone MWO-2520

Binatone MWO-2520

Want to have a seamless cooking experience? Then this large, multifunction microwave from Binatone is the ultimate cooking aid that you will ever need. Satiate your taste buds by cooking with this smart microwave oven!


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