Nexus 400 Liters Chest Freezer NX-400G




Nexus 400 Liters Chest Freezer NX-400G

Nexus 400 Liters Chest Freezer NX-400G

NEXUS is the maker of home appliances, Nexus is a part of Deekay Group; a leading manufacturing company with a legacy of launching businesses spanning over 40 years. The Nexus brand was conceived over two decades ago to demonstrate a seamless fusion of style, functionality, and durability in the home appliances industry.

The Nexus Chest Freezer NX-400G is a 400-liter freezer from Nexus Brand is an efficient, durable, and reliable freezer. It features a glass door that helps to cover the freezing items and also has a removable storage basket. it comes with the most high-efficiency compressor that consists of a standard led door lamp and also an adjustable thermostat which helps in supporting the freezing capacity to be high. it has an auto-lock function while working. The Nexus Chest Freezer NX-400G is easy to clean and it also comes with an adjustable thermostat which makes it possible to regulate its operation. And also with anti-rust body


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