Cussons Baby Mild & Gentle Gift Set – Pink

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Cussons Baby Mild & Gentle Gift Set – Pink


Cussons Baby Mild & Gentle Gift Set - Pink

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The Cussons baby gift pack provides the ultimate essential baby care set to give your baby that much needed complete care from head to toe. This gift pack is carefully assembled with the user – the baby, very much in mind. Every item in the Cussons baby gift pack is designed to keep your baby’s delicate skin as comfortable and as radiant as possible.

This affordable gift back consists of the baby oil naturally gives the skin that much needed rejuvenation feature, the baby sponge which is specially designed to clear off dirt on the skin without any form of discomfort, the powder to keep the baby’s perspiration under regulation, the baby jelly that smoothes the skin and adds that fragrance, and then the lotion to make the baby glow from head to toe. It also includes the Cussons baby special soap which is formulated to give every baby the special protection & smoother skin.

Choose the Cussons baby gift pack, which is trusted by nursing mothers who don’t compromise on their baby’s skincare products.


  • Baby oil to keep skin radiant & glowing.
  • Non-alcohol based items in pack.
  • Jelly to keep that softness and lasting fragrance.
  • Baby soap to give that long lasting protection.
  • Special sponge to clean dirt off the skin in the most comfortable way.


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