Ox 26″OX Industrial Mist Fan

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Ox 26″OX Industrial Mist Fan

Ox 26"OX Industrial Mist Fan

outdoor misting fans release a fine spray of water along with air movement for an increased cooling effect. At Mist Fan World, we carry basic misting fans and high-end models for every need and budget. Ideal for areas with lower humidity, misting fans are a refreshing alternative to air conditioning and traditional pedestal fans. For an inexpensive misting fan model, enjoy our 26 inch outdoor fan. This oscillating fan is powerful enough to cool up to 950 square feet. Under the action of rotating disk and misting device, water turns into ultra small droplets by the centrifugal force, which enlarges the surface of evaporation tremendously. And the airflow, powered by powerful fan, greatly enhances the wind speed of the liquid surface, so that the evaporation of water is much higher than average. While during the evaporating, it absorbs heat, reduces the temperature, and meanwhile, improves the air humidity Improves the quality of the air. Reduces the dust. Cooling fast No high pressure. Low power consumption. Please note that the 26″ Industrial Standing Mist Fan is not rechargeable! It can not function like an air conditioner and as such can not replace one! The 26″ model is best suited for outdoor location,under tents or large halls.


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