Nova Portable Hair Dryer-1000w


This hair dryer by NOVA comes in a unique foldable design. This allows you to fold the dryer and carry it anywhere hassle-free as it occupies minimum space

Easy operation

It is extremely easy to use. Simply plug into the socket and slid the button on your handle to switch on the dryer. The practical placement of the switch on the handle allows easy handling of the dryer.

Ergonomic handle



Nova Portable Hair Dryer-1000w

NOVA hair dryer has an ergonomic handle that is also foldable. It allows for a secured and comfortable grip while blow drying, therefore allowing you better management of hair while styling.

Light weight

Hair dryer is an appliance that always finds a place in a woman’s luggage whenever she is travelling. This hair dryer from NOVA is extremely lightweight. Therefore, it hardly adds to extra weight

when travelling with it.


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