LG 350 Litres Chest Freezer Silver

Original price was: ₦550,000.00.Current price is: ₦500,000.00.

LG 350 Litres Chest Freezer Silver



LG 350 Litres Chest Freezer Silver

LG 350 Litres Chest Freezer Silver

Non breakable handle

Most chest freezer user complain about the easy breaking handle structure. But now you can smile with non breakable handle of this LG Freezer.

Stabilizer free

LG guarantees the voltage fluctuation range 135~290V.

Direct cooling

Cool air circulation done by natural convection or fans, good at keeping food item fresh.

With the LG 350 Litre Freezer – FRZ 35k, you can now enjoy LG’s multi air flow system that ensures even cooling throughout the freezer using the multi flow air vents located all over the unit.

Thus helps in keeping the food fresh & healthy. The LG 350 Deep Freezer -interior lighting provides greater visibility. Freezer dome light distributes light evenly in the freezer compartment.

When compared to the standard chest freezer, this LG Deep freezer is different because it has an inside freezing fan which serves to provide faster and extra cooling for the freezer.

The LG Freezer is has a large 350 Litre Storing capacity which allows you store food items conveniently. The LG freezer offers fast and efficient cooling while reducing energy consumption.

The freezer has the capability to remain cool for up to 5 days after a power cut. LG Chest Freezer fully covers the voltage fluctuation and has a lock and key which provides added security. This freezer is suitable for both domestic and commercial use.




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