Longrich Mosquito Spray Repellent


Be free from Mosquito Bites for upto 8 hours

Spray on the external part of the body

It repels mosquito and other insects for 8 hours

Contains 5% DEET (maximum 5%) as its main ingredient which is not harsh on skin

Has friendly flower and fruit fragrance

It does not cause skin irritation

It does not cause oxidation

It disturbs the insect ability to locate human body to feed on



Longrich Mosquito Spray Repellent

Longrich Anti-Mosquito Spray disturbs the insect’s ability to locate animals or human to feed on. It disturbs the function of special receptors in mosquito antennae. 5% Deet as its active content does not cause skin irritation or skin sensitization. Once it penetrates the human body, it is eliminated in urine


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