G3 Live Makeup Multipurpose Led Selfie Desk Lamp




G3 Live Makeup Multipurpose Led Selfie Desk Lamp

 G3 Live Makeup Multipurpose Led Selfie Desk Lamp



Dimmable LED Ring Light

4 retractable sections high

3500-6000K color temperature, ring light with 3 colors and light modes to switch, they are white, warm yellow, warm white.

Each lighting mode has 10 adjustable brightness to choose, it can meet different needs of lighting effects.

6 inch round lamp and USB powered

The ring light can create a circle aperture effect, which will make your eyes more attractive. The ring light is connected with the USB cable, and easy to access any USB port such as computer, laptop, power adapter, power bank, etc., very convenient to use.

You can adjust the angle freely according to your photography needs.

With this round lamp, you will look delicate and perfect in photo or video, widely used in portrait, live broadcast, selfie, makeup, online teaching, video shooting, etc. Suitable for all need to fill light environment.


Ring of light

Telescopic Festival No. 4 Festival

Main material: ABS aluminum alloy

Power supply: USB

LED power: DC5V, 6-12W

LED: 64 pieces

Color temperature: 3500-6000K

Opacity range: 10% -100%

LED power: DC5V, 12W

LED color temperature: adjustable 3 color


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